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Fleeing violence or in crisis?

Call our confidential 24/7 Emergency Help Line: 416.724.1316

Julliette’s Place welcomes and depends upon assistance from the community. Through your generosity, we can continue to rebuild the lives of women and their children impacted
by violence.

Julliette’s Place

Administrative Office Line: (416) 724-1500

Administrative Mailing Address (Donations & General Inquiries):
1371 Neilson Rd, Suite #219
Toronto, Ontario M1B 4Z8

Management Team:

Margaret C. Haynes-Bailey
Executive Director
(416) 724-1500 ext. 205
[email protected]

Lai Mak
Manager, Finance and Administration
(416) 724-1500 ext. 201
[email protected]

Ilkin Gadirov
Manager of Human Resources
(416) 724-1500 ext. 204
[email protected]

Sattie Narain-Beepat
Manager, Programs and Services
(416) 724-7322 ext. 234
[email protected]

Simone Cornelissen
Manager, Community Engagement & Fund Development
(416) 724 -1500 ext. 206
[email protected]

Support Team:

Facility and Maintenance Coordinator
(416) 724-7322 ext. 228
[email protected]

Jyoti Jadav
Transitional Housing Support Worker
(416) 724-7322 ext. 223
[email protected]
[email protected]

Legal Department
(416) 724-7322 ext. 230
[email protected]

Child & Youth Advocate
(416) 724-7322 ext. 227
[email protected]

Women’s Advocates
(416) 724-1316
[email protected]

Food Service Worker
(416) 724-7322 ext. 233
[email protected]

Contact Us

For questions regarding our Donor Privacy Policy, general inquiries, or to request removal from our contact lists, please email:[email protected] , or write to:

Homeward Family Shelter (Julliette’s Place)
#219 – 1371 Neilson Road
Scarborough, Ontario

Financial (cheque) donations may also be mailed to this address; or processed immediately by Credit Card/Pay Pal

Crisis Line: 416-724-1316

Homeward Family Shelter