I am writing this letter to show my appreciation and gratitude for the many women who have committed themselves to protect us. On a July evening coming from so far with all the fears, worries and nightmares, I had the opportunity to enter this marvellous place and meet the wonderful people who work inside.
We are truly grateful for the commitment and dedication to helping families like mine.
We found ourselves in difficulties, in need of refuge and support and you came through for us.

Putting down these words, I just broke down into tears, the happiest tears of many of my daily tears over the past years. I am overwhelmed that my flashbacks and nightmares become overshadowed by the positive thinking and thoughts most of the advocates have been telling me. These experiences of my stay here have given me a completely different outlook and understanding about what I want to do.

Many thanks to the management of Julliette’s Place, the Directors, the Advocates, Children’s department, the legal department and to all the staff – each and every one contributing to maintaining Julliette’s Place, making it possible for us to feel at home. Thanks so much, for it is more than a home we found. Thanks for the love and care towards vulnerable people like us. We are so many out there and thanks to Julliette’s Place, some like me are able to find that tranquility to reflect and hope for a better and an independent life in the future – helping others because you people helped me.

Thanks also for the Tuesday and Thursday women’s sessions of learning new things and sharing advice.

Happiness is an understatement.
Thanks so much for every single day we passed here. Know that gratitude is not a big enough word, for there are no words.

I will forever be grateful.

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